Friday, October 30, 2009

Making Money on eHow

I spend a lot of spare time writing freelance- mostly web content. I came upon a site a year or so ago called This is a site full of how-to guide including everything from washing cars to cleaning curtains to curing congestion. Anyone can open up an eHow account and get started right away.

The nice thing about eHow is that you can write articles on anything you know how to do. Anything! You make money according to how many people look at your how-to article and whether or not they click on the ads on the page (which are usually aligned with your article.. for instance an article on losing weight will have ads on the page for weight-loss supplements). So, the more traffic your article brings the more money you can make.

Which articles of mine that actually make money are unpredictable. I published one on how to treat croup that has brought me in a whopping twenty cents. My article on treating congestion in a baby, however, has brought in nearly $60. My article on how to stop shocks from static electricity has brought in over $30. Who knew so many people were getting tired of being zapped? Point is, I just write what I know and what I like and I end up making about a dollar a day there.

A dollar a day doesn't sound like much, but consider the fact that I can go for months without writing anything and I still bring that money in. Added up to some of the other sites I write for, and it can add up.

Here's a link to my page so you can get an idea of what a how-to article looks like.

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