Thursday, January 28, 2010

Making Pizza Healthy

Yesterday I posted how I make tons of pizza dough and freeze it for future use. I thought while I'm on a pizza kick that I'd share how I make my pizza healthy.

First, I make it myself. If you control your ingredients, you control what you eat. Makes sense.

Second, I use as much whole wheat flour as I can in the crust without getting kickback from the husband and kids. Usually it's about 1:1 wheat:white.

Third, I sneak a layer of pureed vegetables on the crust before I put on the sauce. Not one single time I've done this has anyone been able to tell. I started off doing a little and when no one noticed, I kicked it up to about a quarter to a half a cup per large pizza. I always serve the pizza with fresh cut veggies, but if the kids don't eat them hahahaha they just ate carrots anyway.


Finally, use healthy ingredients. I usually don't put meat on my pizzas unless it's turkey pepperoni or a little ham. I personally don't like lowfat cheese because I find it rubbery, so I use full fat cheese but just less of it. There's nothing saying you shouldn't see the sauce through the pizza, and if you have lots of healthy yummy ingredients on it your family won't miss it a bit!


  1. you like your cooking lol,lovely work.

  2. Since Om's heart attack (2 years ago now), we have been working on developing a healthy (healthier anyway) pizza that could be frozen. I have a sauce (finally found a recipe that we both think is yummy) and a crust and toppings worked out. We make them personal size and freeze individually. Everything is perfect except that they have one spot right in the middle that the crust is soggy after they are cooked. Should I be partially baking the crust before putting on the toppings and freezing? Have you tried freezing yours?

  3. I always just freeze balls of dough. I suppose you could roll them out and freeze them that way. I occasionally buy frozen pizzas from our local pizza house and always put them in the oven right from the freezer (I always have the oven hotter than they recommend) and they turn out well.