Monday, December 22, 2008

An introduction to my blog

Last week I received a call from my husband, who is a stay-at-home dad. He is often looking for reasons to get out of the house with our two kids (just-3 and almost-2), so I had asked him to go to the post office for me. Well, the kids weren't cooperating and he was growing more frustrated by the minute. In a moment of frustration he dialed me at work to ask me if I had to have this mailed today. Both kids screaming in the background, hubby losing his cool more and more by the minute. I felt helpless.

Finally he simply apologized, told me that no I didn't need to come home during lunch and that he would take care of it all. We said goodbye and I hung up the phone with a sick feeling in my stomach. As I watched my kids' pictures flashing up in front of me on my digital frame I ached to be home with them. I could tell they weren't happy, my husband wasn't happy, I wasn't happy. All I wanted to do was to make someone feel better.

Having my husband stay home with the kids certainly wasn't in our plans. The job-shuffling/losing series of events that led us to where we are is unimportant (although I'll probably get into them later). What does matter is that while I sit at work wishing I were home, my husband sits at home wishing he had work. Each of us is doing our best to find satisfaction with our lot in life but at many times find it difficult.

Everything that chaotic day last week turned out just fine, of course (it always does), but I began to wonder how many women out there were in a similar position as mine. I know there are a lot of working moms, but do they all long to be home like I do? How many are married to their children's caretaker? Are there other women who want to be a good wife and mother and feel like their job often gets in the way?

This is why I wanted to start this blog. I think I need this to help me work through the obstacles and feelings I run into everyday. I have been doing this for three years now so have been able to tackle a lot of things logistically and emotionally and would love to share those with women that are on a similar journey. Invariably (like last week) there are things that come up that I haven't tackled yet and would love to hear thoughts of other women as to how they have worked their way through these issues.

I don't want to make my first entry enormous, but did want to get my feet wet and introduce the concept of my blog.

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